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Small Groups | The Next Step

After you have selected the type(s) of small grouping(s) you will use, you will need to decide what the rest of the class is doing. This workshop will give you models, hands-on examples, and effective tips and tricks for implementing work stations or project-based learning in your classroom. This session teaches the basics and demonstrates explicit modeling of stations for all grades and all content areas.

Learning Styles

Teach the way students learn! So, how do students learn? This session will focus on learning styles and their definitions. We will scientifically identify your learning style and your students’ learning styles, and we will discover how to teach each type of learner. “If students can’t learn the way we teach, then we must teach the way students learn.” (Ignacio Estrada)

Inquiry Based Learning

An old adage states: “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.” The last part of this statement is the essence of inquiry-based learning. In this workshop, you will learn to shift your traditional education ideas and successfully implement inquiry-based instruction. You will learn to embrace the freedom and let go of control; embrace the process and let go of content (while still teaching standards); and embrace the struggle and let go of discomfort! This workshop will share strategies, routines, and classroom management protocols to make inquiry-based learning a reality in your classroom!

Motivating the unmotivated: discovering your students’ potential

Do you ever wonder how to reach a student? In this fun and interactive session we will identify the reasons students resist investing in class, then pinpoint specific strategies to motivate students to learn. You will leave this workshop with the techniques to show students the value of learning on their own terms.

Teaching With A Growth Mindset

This workshop will give you strategies you can use to help your students understand that intelligence can be developed, the brain is malleable, and the best way to make their brain stronger and smarter is through doing challenging work! You will learn how current brain research has scientists and researchers excited about shifting attitudes toward learning. Bringing this knowledge and awareness to your students will increase their motivation and, ultimately, their success!

Dual Language Immersion

Practice makes PERMANENT! This session explores how implementing daily routines to engage students in meaningful conversations and discussions in their target language have the power to develop language skills. You will learn how to effectively integrate these 5 to 10 minute daily routines in a remote or in-person setting.

ELL & Dual Language Immersion

New year, new SEI model! Are you ready to implement Principle II: Integrated Instruction in Disciplinary Language and Content? We are taking a proficiency learning approach to help ELL students develop language skills in all modes of communication. In this session you will learn how to write measurable can-do statements that integrate language functions. and …

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Brain Breaks

Who doesn’t need a brain break? No matter what you are teaching, where, or when, Brain Breaks are an integral part of learning. In this session we will explore the 3 types of brain breaks and how and when you should use them! This course is highly interactive, and you will leave with many brain …

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Physical Literacy: PE for All

This isn’t your father’s PE program! In this session, you will learn how to create a fun-filled and purposeful PE program for students at home or at school. Discover how to change your mindset about PE and help your students become physically literate! Students who are athletic, no-so-much athletic, injured, overweight, nervous, or have special …

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Fluency Games

The best way to increase fluency is to offer opportunities for your students to repeat their reading, math, or writing facts. This session explores how learning games can be used to encourage strategic mathematical thinking, provide fun reading and writing practice, and deepen understanding. Including fun learning games is a great way to support your …

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Number Talks

This class will explore the research on number talks and introduce ways to help students improve their mathematical mindset. We will look at how you can excite students to think outside the box and to share their ideas while they are in a virtual or regular classroom. Math strategies and math talks will be explored.

Empathetic Classroom Management

We are learning together in our new venture of virtual learning! Learning in a virtual environment is a privilege, and no one deserves this to be taken from them due to the behaviors of others who do not meet the expectations of our new environment. In this session we will discuss how norms of expectations …

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Providing Feedback Virtually

Providing information to students regarding their performance and progress is essential. As teachers, it is an important part of identifying students’ next steps and guiding them in their learning. This class will take an overall view at what effective feedback is, and teachers will discuss and model ways to provide effective feedback using various tools …

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Elevated Collaborative Parent Communication is Our Way of Being

Transparency cannot exist without trust. Now, more than ever, we need to be as transparent as possible with families through consistent communication. This training emphasizes the importance of collaborative communication and explores what is needed to elevate it. We will ask, “What does this look like to you?” and help you find the answers. Together, …

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Using Direct Instruction with Gradual Release in Remote Learning

This class is a review of the high-yield instructional strategy of direct instruction (with gradual release). Teachers will be asked to consider how to implement direct instruction in various remote learning situations (i.e., students with Internet and students without Internet) using a variety of tools and resources. There will be time provided for teachers to …

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WOW! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! This session gives you that little bit of self care that most of us let go. Get your blood pumping, oxygen flowing, and invigorate your body and mind. We will stretch, move, and discuss nutrition and self care. All fitness levels are encouraged, as the workout …

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Social Skills/Emotional Skills

This training session takes a closer look at Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Social and Emotional Learning has become a buzzword lately, for good reason. Students are experiencing situations we could never completely prepare them for. Using the great work by CASEL.org, teachers will learn the how to create a classroom environment where students can …

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Virtual Flipped Classroom

This training looks at the Flipped Classroom Instructional strategy from a remote learning perspective. We will explore how you can use the Flipped Classroom instructional strategy to focus on student engagement and active learning in a remote setting. In addition, we will examine how this model allows for differentiated and scaffolded learning experiences in individual …

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Online Resources

An introduction to purposefully selected online resources teachers can use virtually to support student learning. The trainer will guide teachers in exploring apps and websites to support the following areas: Teaching Sharing academic content Student engagement Checking for understanding Feedback/conferencing As part of the training, teachers will have the opportunity to create logins and explore …

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Online Communication Tools

This training focuses extensively on video conferencing for individual, small group, and whole group instruction. We will explore multiple services for communicating with students in remote learning settings, including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. The training can be tailored to focus on one service more in depth than another based on the …

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