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Spark Math - Grades K-1

Spark Math is a fun and engaging way to learn math at home!


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Spark Math is a fun and engaging way to learn math at home! Each simple, straightforward math game is designed for parent and student to review and grow critical math concepts as they play. Often, parents are unsure how to help their students with math strategies and skills at home because math is now being taught in a way that emphasizes strategies rather than the algorithms they were taught. Spark Math is here to help!

The activities in Spark Math have clear, easy-to-follow directions, and include user-friendly vocabulary and instructions of strategies — perfect for kids to understand, and exactly what adults need to be comfortable with today’s math! Homework will be so much easier with the assistance of Spark Math. And the best part is…kids don’t even realize they are learning because they’re having a blast!



  • 45 fun, engaging games designed for development of K-1 Math skills
  • Materials and pieces needed to play all the games, including
    • 50 piece 2-color counter set
    • 50 piece play coin set (20x pennies, 10x nickles, 10x dimes, 10x quarters)
    • deck of playing cards
    • 6x dice
    • 28 piece domino set
    • 2x dry-erase markers (2 different colors)
    • 6x paper bags (lunch bag size)
    • 12in x 9in dry-erase board
    • 36 inches of yarn
  • Guidebook with introduction to early numeracy and math strategies and a breakdown of all grade-level math thinking strategies
Weight45 oz
Dimensions12.5 × 9.3 × 3.25 in


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